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Bioveon is a biotechnology startup that aims to be a global technology leader for the production of clean energy, organic fertilizer and biomethane from waste streams. We offer state-of-the-art resource recovery technologies such as high solids mono anaerobic digestion for industrial, commercial, and agricultural markets. Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions to the world's waste management problems while contributing to the transition to a circular economy.

Business Consultation


Meet the passionate and experienced professionals who make Bioveon possible: Our expertise and experience in the industry have helped us to become a leading provider of clean energy solutions throughout the region. We invite you to join us in our mission to create a better world for future generations.



Co Founder

Our family enterprise began 25 years ago with a passion for biogas production and organic fertilisers. We pioneered anaerobic digestion for chicken litter as a mono feedstock, and have since expanded our services to include a wide range of clean energy solutions. Our processes have been developed through trial and error, and we stand by our commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Our journey  has truly been a unique one. We're proud to say that our clean energy solutions were born through a process of trial and error, allowing us to perfect our methods and products. Elango and the team are committed to creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for India. With a focus on developing innovative and cost-effective clean energy solutions, our goal is to create the largest group of companies in the Indian renewable space.



Co Founder

With 20 years experience in the aerospace sector with SIA Engineering and more than 15 years experience in the financial sector bringing together the passion to focus on the renewable energy sector. Building Entrepreneurship and to bring excellent value to Investors.


My prime focus is to build an ecosystem which enables a seamless, process-driven energy delivery mechanism. I will strive to provide an efficient & transparent fuel delivery backed by innovation & technology which enhances consumer convenience.


With Energy revolution knocking our doors, by way of EVs & alternate fuels like Bio-Diesel, CNG etc., my vision is to be a part of the nation-building exercise of ensuring energy delivery ,keeping in mind the environmental effects through zero emissions.

Office Employee


Our success is defined and contributed by our most important asset: our people. Bioveon is reshaping the way we look at renewable energy, powered by the dedication and expertise of the best minds in the energy industry.

 we are constantly identifying and recruiting likeminded and experienced individuals to join us in creating a sustainable future. As the need for clean energy grows, so does our expansion across the region. If you possess the knowledge and expertise to contribute to, and share our vision for a renewable future, why not join us?

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